Natural sun protection

Do you like alabaster complexion or a golden tan like Coco Chanel? Do you sunbathe or hide from the sun? Do you use high sun protection that contains chemical filters or natural physical filters? Can diet be important in the protection and regeneration of skin in the summer?

If you love to lie on the beach or by the pool like me, then you definitely should protect the skin from the sun and do not lie in the open sun between 10 and 14 at noon. And ever more, if you have children, you certainly should consider how to protect their skin on summery sunny days.

Intuitively, I never used products with chemical filters, I have never tested high chemical filters on my children. We’ve never burned. Once I used mainly olive oil and cocoa butter, which I bought “from under the counter” in a neighbourhood pharmacy. Now I consciously choose oils and vegetable butter so that the natural sunscreens contained in them respond to my needs and my loved ones.

And so when I need strong protection, because I am in the south of Portugal or in Brazil, I use raspberry seed oil, which can protect up to 50 SPF. When I am in the country, coconut or almond oil is enough for me (about 5 SPF). When it is extremely hot, we also reach for wheat germ oil (about 20 SPF). However, my favourite butter is monoi butter (about 5 SPF) for its tropical scent and velvety finish and great moisturizing properties.

Try the simplest recipe for natural tanning oil (proportions at your discretion):
1 scoop coconut butter or almond oil which perfectly moisturizes the skin and protects the skin against water loss
1/2 scoops of raspberry seed oil, which delays the aging process, supports skin regeneration.
Raspberry oil by HAPPYMORE is enriched with a wonderful, non-allergenic aroma of raspberry.  We love it for its smell!!
1/2 scoops of wheat germ oil, which delays the effects of aging and protects the skin against moisture loss.
For sunscreen products, I consciously do not add aromatherapy and it is certainly necessary to exclude photosensitizing citruses.
Before sunbathing I peel the whole body skin with my favorite CocoHimalaya peeling with the scent of love, and after tanning I moisturize my whole body with with GLOW & SHINE Dry Oil with pearls, gold and minerals from the GLOW & SHINE collection. The effects are always spectacular, the skin is perfectly moisturized, firm and optically rejuvenated (and this is not just my opinion;)
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