Less waste – HAPPYMORE packaging

At HAPPYMORE, we say NO to ingredients, processes and packaging that can harm you, the animals and the environment. We want the production and sale process of our cosmetics not to upset the balance of the natural environment. We are constantly improving our packaging, without compromising their quality or reducing your convenience. In cooperation with our packaging suppliers and inspired by the latest trends, we develop solutions that will least harm our planet.

We focused on glass packaging and we go a step further. We give up everything that is decorative and meets only marketing value. We do not want to produce unnecessary rubbish, which is why we give up packing our products in external paper boxes, which, after unpacking, end up in the rubbish bin. All necessary information is printed on the bottles and is available on our website. If you want to pack a product for a gift, you can buy a beautiful cardboard box that can also be used for other purposes, e.g. for jewelry or photos.

We wrap each product with eco tissue paper and stabilize it in the shipping carton with fully recyclable paper chips.

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