Sensual world of aromatherapy

Discover the art of mixing natural essential oils for the health and well-being benefits. Create a natural environment around you filled with peace, love and joy.

When I first discovered the world of aromatherapy, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, like an alchemist studying the harmony of proportions of elixirs. This world surprised me and delighted with its beauty and depth of sensory experience. My adventure with the world of plants, herbal pharmacology and the production of simple cosmetics has begun with aromatherapy, first for myself and my family for friends and their friends.

In 2000, in the south of Brazil, I met a Brazilian shaman who taught me everything I know today about aromatherapy.

Then I completed the intensive herbal course, which brought me closer to the world of western plants and contact with Ayurveda, ancient medicine of India.  I looked at the world of plants of the East. These experiences have sensitized my senses and helped me to compose a trio of synergistic aromatherapy blends – PEACE, LOVE, JOY, which are synonymous with the fullness of relaxation and return to inner balance.

PEACE – calms down the central nervous system, soothes emotions and gently introduces balance.

LOVE – it’s a real aphrodisiac. It raises vibrations and opens the heart.

JOY – relaxes the solar plexus, thanks to which we feel joy without a reason.

Each of the above fragrance chords should be diluted in your favorite base oil – before use on the skin – about 2 drops per tablespoon of oil or butter (coconut albo sweet almond) or add a few drops to the water in the aromatherapy fireplace and enjoy the moment.

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