Organic Rose Vibration Mist


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Incredible nature’s power, hidden in a dark, glass bottle. A toner with deeply cleansing and hydrating properties.


Damascena rose water restores the natural balance of the skin. The fruit acids present in it, gently exfoliate the old skin, reduce pores and gives Your skin a bright, healthy look. Reach for the delicate Organic Rose Vibration Mist, one of nature’s treasures – skincare prepared by Mother Nature. For You.

What is inside

100% Damascena rose water. Organic.


dehydrated, irritated, sensitive skin. The toner also nourishes damaged, dry hair and stimulates its growth.

How to enjoy

after cleansing Your skin or to fix makeup, spray the toner all over Your face from 15 cm distance. After application, Your skin is ready for next skincare steps.
In case of dry and brittle hair, spray the product over its ends and massage it into.

ROSE VIBES – A gift from nature.

The Collection designed on the basis of the most valuable treasures of nature – luxury species of rose: Damascus rose – queen of all roses, Andean – wild rose and geranium bourbon rose.
The collection is enclosed in the highest quality glass black containers, which are both preservatives for the products inside.


100 ml, biophotonic glass.


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