Antioxidants & Vitamins


Carefully selected nature’s gifts with a guiding wild Andean rose extract. The essence of beauty for your skin.

30 ml


Wisely composed oils that compose this elixir for You and help Your skin regain silky smoothness. The variety of vitamins and antioxidants support returning to balance and act anti-ageing. Natural care affects positively your skin not only from the outside but even more importantly, the organism from the inside. Reach for the care You deserve.

What’s inside the bottle: extract from wild Andean rose, essential oils from green tea, jojoba, borage, sea buckthorn, sweet almonds, sunflower, chia seeds, rosemary extract, coenzyme Q10, BLISS aromatherapy.

For whom: dry, damaged and/or mature skin in need of moisture and deep regeneration.

How to enjoy the product: Apply a thin layer of the product onto previously cleansed skin and gently massage it in. Slow, circular movements will let your skin soak in well all the active ingredients.

„ROSE VIBES – A gift from nature.”

The Collection was designed on the basis of the most valuable treasures of nature – luxury species of rose: Damascus rose – queen of all roses, Andean – wild rose and geranium bourbon rose.
The collection is enclosed in the highest quality black, glass containers, which are both preservatives for the products inside.


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