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Fall in love with yourself. HAPPYMORE LOVE aromatherapy will help you start the day wholesomely and unwind whenever you’ll feel the need for it. It’s a natural aphrodisiac.


Imagine a perfect evening. Silence, tranquillity, time for yourself. A bath or a massage? What would are you dreaming of today? Whatever you choose, HAPPYMORE LOVE will take you to the world of sensual sensations. Let perfectly selected, natural essential oils calm the thought race,
restore balance, loosen up the body and awaken the senses. That’s the smell of love.

What’s inside

100% pure essential oils: lavender, geranium, ylang-ylang and bergamot.

For whom

for all those who crave relaxation, boost their mood and restore inner equanimity. Perfect for evenings or calm afternoons.

How to enjoy the product

the oil can be used as an addition to a bath or a massage. It also works perfectly sprayed in the air, with a few drops only. Add 3-5 drops to water in an ultrasonic diffuser or directly into a nebulizer or a ceramic aromatherapy fireplace. If you are planning a self-massage or aromatherapy massage, add 3-5 drops per 50 ml to the base oil and be sure to check (e.g. in the back of the knee) whether this amount of the essential oils does not cause any allergic reactions. Use the prepared oil mixture in the shower at the end. Do not apply undiluted oils directly onto the skin.


10 ml, glass bottle with the dropper.


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