Wonderful peace and solace, stress-free mind and a relaxed body are the results of HAPPYMORE PEACE Aromatherapy.

10 ml


Daily duties, demanding work and dozens of small things to do – it’s easy to shake your inner balance when doing it. There is a sense of loss of control and increasing stress, which results in a decrease in the quality of life. This state of mind can be changed. Relaxing HAPPYMORE PEACE aromatherapy helps to calm the mind and distance from the surrounding reality. It brings a gentle relief that we miss every day.

What is inside: lavender essential oil, orange essential oil

Destination: for people with an increased stress level, struggling with internal anxiety, suffering from a lack of sense of balance and control over events.

How to enjoy: the oil can be used as a bath (10-15 drops per bath) or massage (2-3 drops per spoon) additive. Perfectly works sprayed in the bedroom – it helps in the evening relaxation and calms down before bedtime. Just add a few drops to the fireplace or the aromatherapy diffuser to feel the change in mood and attitude.

Due to the 100% concentration of oils, the mixture should not be applied directly to the skin.


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