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eBook about immunity - a gift for you

In times, when the only thing that really matters is health, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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In one place you will find practical knowledge and proven recipes, thanks to which you will strengthen your mind, body and skin.

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A handful of information on how to take care of yourself, to boost your immunity, and that psychosomatic balance, healthy sleep, emotions under control and the diet that nourishes the body are the basis of health. A pinch of advice, on which active substances must find themselves in your kitchen: vitamins, minerals, natural antibiotics, supplements, herbs, essential oils – all of great importance for improving immunity. A large dose of practical, healthy and delicious recipes, which are proven natural treatments for boosting immunity. And somewhere in between, we explain what is “the oil of thieves” and why it protected against the black death in fourteenth-century Europe. We also share the recipe for an ancient potion for immunity …and for much more.

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