Pure Gold Serum 2


Oil free and velvet consistency Serum intended for all skin types. Rich in vitamins A, C & E.

30 ml


Oil free and velvet consistency Serum intended for all skin types.

Thanks to the high content of hyaluronic acid, it perfectly moisturises dehydrated, dry and thin skin. Thanks to the vitamin C content, it has a brightening effect, which is important in the care of eye shadow. The serum is also rich in juice from aloe leaves, allantoin and panthenol to achieve a soothing effect. The anti-aging effect of the serum is due to the extract from the sacred noni plant, the complex of vitamins A, C and E and gold, which operates like an ion pump: it accelerates the migration of active ingredients, stimulates the body’s cleansing process. The gold content has a soothing and radiant effect on the skin.

What is inside: hialuronic acid, vitamins: A, C, E, aloe vera concentrate*, noni extract, allantoin, panthenol, gold.

* organic

Recomended for: any type of skin. It works perfectly after aestetic medicine treatments.

How to enjoy: take a small amount of Serum 2 and compress it into the skin. Massage gently for 1-2 minutes to absorb completely. You can add 2-3 drops of Antioxidants & Vitamins or SUN LOVE on top of Serum 2 for superior hydration and amazing results.


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