Blue Tansy & Rose - Night Ritual


A three-step soothing night ritual, with the luxurious and heavenly blue tansy oil, included in the INDIGO Night Serum, which has the natural ability to calm the skin, bringing it back to its homeostasis, preventing the skin from ageing as a consequence.


Thanks to the anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerating properties of the blue tansy oil, the Blue Tansy & Rose Ritual is aimed at any skin, including delicate and sensitive skin types, that needs rejuvenation, calming and strengthening. On top of that, the Organic Rose Vibration Mist soothes irritation and inflammation and accelerates skin regeneration.

INDIGO Night Serum owes its beautiful inky colour to azulenes, active substances of a cornflower blue colour, that have healing and caring properties.

Organic Rose Vibration Mist excellently tones and refreshes the skin, boosts its blood circulation, restores its acidic pH, soothes irritations and hydrates it perfectly. Reduces facial redness and eye fatigue. It is a perfect mist for sensitive skin, with vascular and dry problems.

The Blue Tansy & Rose – Night Ritual in three steps:

1/ Demaquillage and cleanse using the fine micellar water based on rose water and aloe vera Organic Rose Micellar Water.

On washed hands apply a necessary amount of the micellar water and using your fingertips in a circular movement, thoroughly massage the product across the whole face, including the eye area. If you need to take your makeup off, add 2-3 drops of any oil you like, such as Antioxidants & Vitamins or Sun Lover to the water on your hands and precisely take the makeup off. Then, using a soft cotton towel, soaked in warm water and imprinted, remove the residue from the face. If you have had an intense day and need calming, add around 2-3 drops of aromatherapy oil, such as PEACE or BLISS, onto the steaming towel, then press it to your face to inhale precious and calming molecules of peace and bliss.

2/ Tone using the 100% natural and full of rosa damascena (of soothing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties) vibrations organic rose mist Organic Rose Vibration Mist

Abundantly sprinkle your cleansed skin (on the face, neck and neckline) with the rose mist.

3/ A serum for the night – INDIGO Night Serum with the blue tansy oil.

Onto clean hands, apply 2-3 drops of the Serum and using circular movements, apply it onto the damp from the rose mist skin on your face, neck and neckline.

Now, fill the space with PEACE or BLISS aromatherapy, leave your phone on silent mode, turn on music that will fulfil your soul, drink a cup of golden milk or a simple glass of warm water, and prepare for sleep, that will regenerate your body, mind and skin – meditate, raise good intentions and stick to beautiful thoughts.


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