HAPPYMORE JOY Aromatherapy was created to help You discover the joy in every moment you experience. Don’t wait for the right time, it’s here and now.


The unusual power of positive emotions-bringing oils will stimulate Your senses. Aromatherapy helps in finding the delicate, and sometimes difficult to capture, ability to enjoy the present. Without overthinking all the mistakes from the past or the things in the future that haven’t even happened yet. Turn Your inner anxiety into a state of mind You will love. Reach for more joy – with HAPPYMORE JOY.

What’s inside

clove buds, peppermint essential oil

For whom

help in improving well-being and returning to a state of mental equilibrium.

How to enjoy the product

the oil can be used as an addition to a bath (10-15 drops per bath) or a massage (2-3 drops per spoon of base oil). Perfectly works sprayed in the air – all you have to do is add a few drops to the fireplace or an aromatherapy diffuser to feel the change in mood and attitude.

Due to the 100% concentration of oils, the mixture should not be applied directly onto the skin.


10 ml, glass bottle.


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