Wonderful aromatherapy in harmony with nature. The smell of the highest, universal values enclosed in a small bottle – from us to you.

10 ml


Aromatherapy HAPPYMORE LOVE is a guarantee of sensory arousal. Perfectly composed scents entwine your fragrance and take you to a world full of soothing emotions. The oil delicately relaxes and introduces a sense of fulfilment and balance. It raises vibrations. Immerse yourself in the paradise aroma of love and let him wrap you and your loved ones.

What is inside: ylang-ylang, bergamot

Destination: it stimulates, introduces a good mood and a sense of balance. Perfect for evenings or quiet afternoons.

How to enjoy: the oil can be used as a bath (10-15 drops per bath) or massage (2-3 drops per spoon) additive. Perfectly works also sprayed in the air, you only need a few drops to the fireplace or air diffuser for aromatherapy.

Due to the 100% concentration of oils, the mixture should not be applied directly to the skin.


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